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Hi, Woof, and Meow!
Does your pet have:  low energy, picky eater, senior dog cognitive issues, bladder issues, hairballs, stiff joints, itching, itchy or smelly ears, red or irritated skin, bad gas, seasonal allergies, bad breath, excessive shedding dry skin, dull coat, sensitive stomach, or loose stool?  Let’s talk about your pet’s nutrition.
I was drawn topawTreebecause I have one dog that suffered with allergies.  His allergies began when he was 1 year old.  I did not want to keep him on steroids and antibiotics the rest of his life.  Not to mention the damage those drugs could do to his system.  You should see him now on the pawTree products – nothing but AMAZING!!!  Thenatural and holisticsolutions frompawTreeare PAWSOME!
We have the only home delivery box that allows YOU to select the items (dog and cat) and change it up each delivery  AND you select how often YOU want it delivered. My pawBox, My Way!!!  
Did I mention the 90 day, 100% money back guarantee?  Yes, try it and you too will see the difference.
Love pets?  Of course, who doesn’t, right?   You too can become a petPro and enjoy helping pets.  Talk about rewarding, right?  And who doesn’t like extra income and trips, right?  You like to have fun, right?  Our team is rocking – come share the great times with us at Team pawTastic.
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