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I began sewing in 1997 making quilts for myself and as gifts. My sewing projects have evolved after having children, wanting to make them quality items that I know would last. I have gradually added embroidery to my repertoire, and I love personalizing projects.

Children’s Projects

  • I started by sewing children’s products as I loved the idea of giving a handmade, personal gift. I like to encourage imaginative play for children with my super hero capes for girls or boys. Let your child pretend to be their favorite super hero or have them design their own super hero so they can run around the house or outside while using their imagination.
  • My youngest son loved to look out the window but he could never quite see out. I decided to make him a pillow that he could use as stool to look out of the windows. He started to carry it around the house and uses it as a comfortable place to lay his head while reading.

Memory Pillows

  • With the passing of my mother-in-law I added another aspect to my sewing, memory pillows. I wanted something around the house that my boys could remember their grandma by. I can create these pillows using any clothing item that is memorable for you, and I can add your loved ones name or a saying to the pillow as well.

Embroidery Options

  • For Christmas in 2014, my husband gave me an embroidery machine. I can now add embroidery to towels, shirts, baskets, bags, and pillows. I enjoy giving teachers and friends personalized ornaments during the holidays.

T-Shirt Quilts

  • Do you have a pile of T- shirts, jerseys,  sweatshirts or baby clothes that you like, but don’t know what to do with them? T-Shirt quilts are a great way to keep memories in one place. These quilts can be made from sorority, fraternity, race and favorite shirts or even baby clothes.

Luggage Tags, Bag Tags

  • When traveling, I have always had a hard time finding my luggage. All those black bags look the same. I decided to make my own! These bag tags can be embroidered with 1 initial or all 3 initials. They also make a great addition to your child’s book bag so they can find theirs at school!

If you have any other sewing projects, I would love to help you out. I love starting new projects to help you customize a gift for family or friends.

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Raleigh Embroidery Fun.jpg 2 years ago
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