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Lularoe Valentines Day Leggings in Raleigh.jpg
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Hi!  Kimberlee and Susan are a mother daughter team of Lularoe Consultants here in Raleigh.  We both fell in love with this clothing when we discovered how simply comfortable yet fashionable it is.  We feel in love with the buttery soft leggings, and then quickly embraced the whole brand.  No longer do we long to get home and change out of our clothes and into “something more comfortable.” Everything that Lularoe makes is comfortable. From the variety of styles of dresses to the to skirts to the different tops, it all just feels good.  And to make it even more fun, the prints that are used are continuously changing!

Our inventory is always changing so what you see one day might be completely different the next.  Every time we get a new shipment of clothing, it’s a big ol’ surprise!  We are always updating our Facebook sales page with pictures of our new inventory.  For those that are local to Raleigh, we do offer porch pick up and those that are out of the state we ship.  To see what we currently have in our collection join Lularoe Kimberlee and Susan VIP.

If you want to see any of the clothing in person, we often can be found at a pop up boutique in the area.  We do advertise when and where we will be on our VIP page.  If you’d like to earn free clothing by hosting and in home event, just contact us at [email protected] and we will schedule a party!

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Lularoe Valentines Day Leggings in Raleigh.jpg 4 years ago
Raleigh Buttery Soft Leggings.jpg 4 years ago
Raleigh Lularoe Fashion.jpg 4 years ago
Unicorn Print Leggings.jpg 4 years ago
Womens and Childrens Fashion Raleigh.jpg 4 years ago
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