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Have you ever thought about hosting an exchange student?  Would you like your family to learn firsthand about another culture?  Hosting a student with World Heritage will provide the opportunity to welcome a 16 year old student from another country, another continent, another culture, into your family.  Each year we have over 200 students apply to live with an American family because they want to get to know the real America, the one that only you can offer them.  They want to become a part of your family and a part of your community.  They want to learn to be fluent in English, even though English is often their third language, if not their fourth!  My family has hosted, and I now have 4 international daughters in addition to my own two adult daughters.  I have worked with World Heritage as an Area Representative for 10 years, and I can help you select a student who will be a good fit with your family.  We place students in Wake County Public Schools for the Junior year only, either for the Fall semester or for an entire academic year.  We place all over North Carolina; I have helped families in Chapel Hill and Clayton welcome an international daughter to their families, and anticipate working with families in Moore County and Forsyth County as well for 2017-18. If you reside in Wake County, though, you need to know that    WCPSS has a brief window of opportunity for submitting completed applications; some schools fill their allocated seats within weeks.  Let me help you and your new son or daughter fill one of those seats!

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We have an Italian Daughter for Life

Being our first time to host, we had no idea what to expect. Although terribly excited about our new venture, we were a little nervous and unsure of how much initial awkwardness or time was needed for everyone to acclimate. From the moment we met Michela at the airport, she removed all hesitation and fears by immediately hugging us all. Having two boys and no daughters in the house was a new experience for us all, yet Michela made it so easy.

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